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February 11, 2019

Considering a Natural Stone Pool Project? 4 Questions Answered.

Strange as it seems, wintertime is the perfect season to start planning that big backyard renovation. We sat down with Jesse Pettit from Majestic Stone to talk about the ins and outs of building a beautiful, natural space for barbecues, pool parties, and warm weather relaxing. And, obviously, we prefer a natural stone pool project.

What should customers consider before they choose to build or remodel a backyard patio or pool area?

The design process of backyard projects has changed substantially in the last decade. Behind the house used to be kind of an afterthought, maybe just a pool, maybe a deck, but now the backyard is really the focal point of your outdoor living space. The size and budget of projects continues to grow, and natural stone is an excellent choice for all kind of surfaces, great for everything from pool decking and coping, all the way to patio countertops and retaining walls. We see the natural elegance of Tennessee Sandstone all around the southeast, so it just fits really well in all backyards. It’s the perfect material for our climate, it lasts forever, and just like our mountains, it only gets better with age.

What makes local stone such a great material for a natural stone pool project?

Well, obviously natural stone is a durable and environmentally friendly material. It stands up extremely well to areas with a lot of moisture—like a pool deck—and if properly installed it looks better and better over time. Stone is also versatile. It just works with so many different designs and different kinds of architecture. And because it comes from the land around here, it always looks like it belongs here.

Tell me how customers get from “I want to build or remodel in my backyard” to “Stone is the only choice for me.”

Sadly, I think a lot of our customers start with materials other than natural stone. They’ve seen so many projects from inexperienced builders that they look at imitation products. But when you see natural stone built the right way, there’s just no comparison. Those imitation products are exactly that: imitations of the qualities that real stone possesses. Natural stone has subtle variations and nuances that can’t be imitated. It is a truly timeless material. We understand the attraction of the imitation stuff, that’s why at Majestic we’re always looking for ways to make our product more available and less intimidating. We want customers to know that they don’t have to settle or surrender to something fake. They can have real, natural, local stone, it will look beautiful, it will last, and they can have it at a fair price and in a reasonable timeframe.

Why is Majestic the right choice for a customer that’s incorporating stone into their pool area?

At Majestic every project starts with the goal of consistently delivering the most beautiful natural stone materials and craftsmanship possible. We never, ever settle for “good enough.” We love challenges and we love working with architects and partners to bring customers’ visions to life. We are one of the very few quarries that have the expertise, facilities, and quite frankly the eagerness to take on truly custom projects from concept to completion.

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